Smart Prayer Mat For Children


Introducing our Smart Prayer Mat for Muslim Children: an interactive, colorful tool that makes learning Salah engaging and fun! With lights, audio cues, and an easy interface, it guides kids through prayer steps while teaching the significance and meaning behind each movement. The perfect way to make prayer enjoyable for young ones.

Introducing the Smart Prayer Mat for Muslim Children, an innovative and interactive way to engage young minds in the beautiful ritual of prayer. Crafted with vibrant colors and child-friendly design, this mat combines tradition with technology to make learning and practicing Salah (prayer) an exciting and educational experience.

Designed to guide children through the essential steps of prayer, the Smart Prayer Mat features interactive elements that light up and offer audio cues to help kids follow along with each movement and recitation. With built-in sensors and an easy-to-use interface, it creates an immersive and engaging atmosphere, transforming the act of prayer into an enjoyable learning journey.

This educational tool not only teaches the physical movements of Salah but also incorporates valuable lessons about its meaning, significance, and the importance of spirituality in a child’s life. It fosters a deeper connection to faith while making the learning process fun and memorable.

The Smart Prayer Mat for Muslim Children is an ideal gift for young ones to start their prayer journey or as an educational tool in Islamic schools and homes. It’s a thoughtful blend of tradition and innovation, inspiring a love for prayer in our future generation.

Interactive children’s Islamic prayer mats
7 different languages (English, French, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish and Urdu).
Size: 60x100cm
Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
Function: interactively guide each step of prayer

Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 330 × 100 × 270 cm

Blue, Pink, Purple


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Smart Prayer Mat For Children
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