Prayer Mat Styled Alarm Clock


Revitalize your mornings with our Prayer Mat Alarm Clock – a fusion of spirituality and functionality. Wake up peacefully and start your day with tranquility.

Experience serenity with our Prayer Mat Styled Alarm Clock. Start your day with tranquility as this innovative alarm gently wakes you for prayers or meditation. Crafted with premium materials, it combines functionality with spirituality, featuring a built-in alarm system seamlessly integrated into a traditional prayer mat. Embrace mindfulness and begin each day with a peaceful awakening, making your spiritual practice an integral part of your daily routine.

1. Can display the current time, date, week
2. Hijri Gregorian display function
3. World time function
4. Prepare AZAN time for major cities around the world, a total of 1500 cities to choose from, there are 5 groups of prayer times every day
5. MAKKAH prayer music
6. The error of each group of prayer time may be adjusted, and each group of prayer time can be closed arbitrarily
7.AZAN time reminder function
8. Union time function
9. Alarm function (once alarm/cycle alarm), and can beep alarm
10. Snooze function, snooze time is 5 minutes
11. Temperature function, switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
12. Daylight saving time (DST) function 12/24 hour system
13. Backlight function

Product size: 390*230*50mm
Packing size: 400*240*60mm

Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 400 × 240 × 60 cm

Gold, Silver




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Prayer Mat Styled Alarm Clock
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