Black Castor Oil


Discover the beauty secret in a bottle – our pure Black Castor Oil. Sourced from premium castor beans, this potent elixir is your go-to for strong, lustrous hair and nourished skin. Renowned for its revitalizing properties, it promotes growth, thickness, and an all-natural radiance. Embrace the centuries-old beauty ritual in our ethically crafted Black Castor Oil for hair and skin that shines with health and vitality.

Experience the natural essence of beauty and wellness with our premium Black Castor Oil. Extracted from the finest castor beans, this rich, potent oil is renowned for its exceptional nourishing and revitalizing properties. Known to promote hair strength, thickness, and luster, it’s a versatile elixir that deeply moisturizes both hair and skin. Our meticulously crafted Black Castor Oil is an age-old secret trusted for centuries, embraced for its ability to stimulate growth, restore shine, and rejuvenate from root to tip. Embrace the pure indulgence of self-care with our high-quality, ethically sourced Black Castor Oil – your go-to solution for natural radiance and vitality.

Efficacy: strong hair quality, smooth pendant, improve frizzy hair hair
Net content: Type 01 castor oil
Category: hair oil
Size: 42x42x121cm

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 121 cm
Net Content

Castor Oil


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Black Castor Oil
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