Beard Moisturizing Care Spray Set


Pamper your beard with our Beard Moisturizing Care Spray Set. Specially crafted with natural ingredients, this set hydrates and softens your beard, taming frizz and enhancing manageability. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a luxuriously groomed beard effortlessly. Elevate your grooming routine with our must-have set for a softer, healthier, and more refined beard.

Experience the ultimate nourishment and grooming with our Beard Moisturizing Care Spray Set. Crafted for the modern man who values a well-maintained and luxurious beard, this set is the answer to keeping facial hair irresistibly soft, hydrated, and impeccably styled.

Enriched with natural ingredients like nourishing oils and botanical extracts, each spray is meticulously designed to condition, soften, and rejuvenate your beard from root to tip. Our specially formulated blend helps combat dryness, itchiness, and unruliness, leaving your beard feeling remarkably smoother and more manageable.

Whether you’re rocking a full beard or a meticulously groomed stubble, our set is your go-to solution for maintaining a healthy, lustrous beard. Elevate your grooming routine and indulge in the sophistication of a well-cared-for beard with our Beard Moisturizing Care Spray Set.

Specifications: single bottle
Shelf life: three years
Net content: 30 (g/ml)
Product Specifications 30ml, roller, 30ml+ roller, 30ml+ roller (boxed)
Size Information:

Spray: 11.4 * 2.6cm
Roller: 13.3 * 3cm

Package Contents:

Growth liquid * 1/growth liquid * 1+roller * 1

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 170 × 60 × 50 cm

30ml, 30ml plus roller boxed, Scroll wheel


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Beard Moisturizing Care Spray Set
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