‘Be A Man’ Beard Care Set


Unleash Your Style: The ‘Be A Man’ Beard Care Set. Elevate your grooming game with our curated collection. Expertly crafted to tame, nourish, and style your beard, this set exudes timeless sophistication for the modern man.

Crafted for the Modern Gentleman: Introducing the ‘Be A Man’ Beard Care Set. Embrace your rugged sophistication with this meticulously curated collection, designed to pamper and perfect every follicle. This set is a testament to refined masculinity, featuring premium oils, balms, and grooming essentials expertly formulated to nourish, tame, and style your beard effortlessly. Elevate your grooming routine and exude confidence with the ‘Be A Man’ Beard Care Set, where timeless elegance meets contemporary care.

Product details:

Beard oil and beard cream

Beard oil: sandalwood scent, 30ml carton packaging

Beard cream: sandalwood fragrance, 60g aluminum box with carton packaging

Beard brush: bamboo handle, wild boar bristle brush, size picture

Comb: bamboo comb, the size is shown in the figure

Beard styling comb: four adjustments with different styling combs, see picture for details

Scissors: beard scissors (nose hair scissors), stainless steel

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 220 × 120 × 34 cm

1 style, 2 style, 3 style, 4 style


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‘Be A Man’ Beard Care Set
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